The 29th Annual Jerome Jamboree

September 26th-29th, 2019

The raffle bus, named Buster, is a beautiful blue 1970 High Top. The engine and transmission are already being worked on and has been installed!

Raffle ticket prices will be going up to $1/ticket. This will ensure better mixing of the tickets in our ticket spinner.

News: More Area = More Volkswagens!

Things are coming right along with preparing the old softball field for the Jerome Jamboree XXIX!  Here’s an update via the Arizona Bus Club’s Facebook page from May 11;

Pre-Jerome Jamboree clean up project update
V.020 0511

On behalf of the entire ABC group – thank you all for your hard work today. We have cleared at least 100 yards (YES 100 yards) of area where we can put more buses in for the 2019 ABC Jamboree.

We used all 39 pallets and re-stack about 10 tons of ceramic roof tiles.

We moved a lot (if not all) of those wood beams and miscellaneous (garbage for lack of better words) items with ZERO accidents.

Thank you to the following Club Members
Dave Lehan, Chris Lehan, Greg Pickrel, Jesus Redd E. Aguilera, Gary Lampinenii, William Church, Scott and Sons, Jay Gohsman, Declan Goshman, Dephane, Kitty,Dave and Donna and to my wife Laura for coming up and supporting the clean up project.

Both Mike and Jeannie Leffew of Gold King Mine are delighted to see how much we accomplished in 4.5 hours.

I hope that everyone had an amazing time…coz I did!
Thank you Laura for providing our delicious Angus burgers and Nathan’s hotdogs. Thank you for all the side dishes they are delicious.

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2019 Jerome Jamboree Raffle Bus!

Raffle bus update as of May 20th 2019.* Throttle cable installed* Oil temperature sensor installed * Drivers side brake cylinder has been replaced.* We ate a lot of donutsThere is a bunk build project this Saturday May 25th with the #Busties but we still need a few hands to do the raffle bus as we are now entering the "time restraint" zone for the bus build project.We don't need a whole batalion to tackle the other 3 wheels to replace the brake cylinders and the engine needs a few minor adjustments to make it road worthy so if you are more MECHANICALLY inclined we are requesting for your assistance.A special thanks to Mr. And Mrs. Jesus & Letty Aguilera for taking the time documenting the parts that we have and parts that we need. (WE HAVE MORE PARTS THAT WE HAVE THAT WE DONT NEED at this point).We all know that this is a time consuming process and we appreciate your efforts. The dynamic duo will try to get the list finalized and will hit the other VW Clubs for parts gifts/contributions.Please note that we have approximately 2 Saturdays left and the Robb's will be leaving the valley for their annual trip so the raffle bus needs to be transferred to the West Valley《🤪¿😱》 (based on Ted and Joanne"s scheduled return from Great Britain).We are hoping that Wayne will be back to reality😉 from their Caribbean cruise and would be able to paint the high top part of the bus.And finally to end the fake news. No I am not the project manager for this 1970 bus build. I was born in 73 and it took me 3 hours to change the brake cylinder/ drum brake and misplace some parts😝😂🤪. (Ok not parts but Dave's tools) 'Nuff said Thanks again Scott for the space and time. Dave K, Liz for taking measurements for the curtain, Vanna, Redd and Letty!!!Warm regards,-EuroJoe🚌💭

Posted by Arizona Bus Club on Monday, May 20, 2019

The View from Above

Bus Raffle, Round 1

Bus Raffle Winner!


Take a look through at some of the short videos we captured during this fun, family friendly event.

Walter Arrives