It is often said that the Gold King Mine is a photographer’s paradise.  We would like to double down on that claim and tell you that it is a videographer’s paradise as well!  We have amateur and serious amateur photographers visiting all of the time.  We appreciate the Facebook and Instagram posts and encourage you to freely share.

Guests of the Gold King Mine may take photographs as long as the photos are solely for their own personal use and enjoyment.

Professional and Commercial photographers are required to purchase a permit at the office.

Photography Permits are Required in the following instances:

  • Photographers who receive compensation for Portraits, Weddings, Landscapes, etc.
  • Commercial Photographers Including catalog shoots, commercials, professional videos and images that are intended for wholesale or resale use.


  • Photography Clubs or Photo Workshops – $25/day per person
  • Annual Photography Permit – $250
  • One-time Permit – $50
  • Commercial Usage – Varies

General Rules:

1. No Drones Allowed

2. Appropriate Attire Required – Absolutely No Nudes, Lingerie or Swimsuits

3. No climbing on any of the displays

4. Do not disrupt visitor access[/leap_icon_box]

Thank you for considering the Gold King Mine & Ghost Town!