don robertson being interviewd for arizona highways tv at the gold king mine and ghost town

It is often said that the Gold King Mine is a photographer’s paradise.  We would like to double down on that claim and tell you that it is a videographer’s paradise as well!  We have amateur and serious amateur photographers visiting all of the time.  What we ask is that if you are a serious amateur or professional photographer or videographer, that you give a donation to the Gold King Mine.  We appreciate the Facebook and Instagram posts and encourage you to freely share.

If you are a Professional Photographer or Videographer and are looking to use our various locations, props, etc., we ask that you use the contact form to the right to let us know some of the details of your planned shoot.  We offer hourly, 1/2 or full day rates.

Thank you for considering the Gold King Mine & Ghost Town!

Photo/Video Request Form

    the gold king mine from a perch on Perkinsville road