stylized vw van graphicThe Arizona Bus Club is at it again and have spent countless hours on a 1973 Wild Westerner HIGH TOP for their raffle prize.  Remember, you must be present to win!  The tickets are only available to be purchased at the Jamboree.  The Gold King Mine has hosted this event for decades and always look forward to the family fun event.  Do you enjoy VW’s?  Make plans to visit the Gold King Mine and Ghost Town in Jerome AZ.

Raffle tickets for the VW drawing on Sunday are still $1 each!  The raffle tickets will be available to purchase on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  If you are holding the winning raffle ticket and are wearing a valid wristband for the Sunday event, you will be declared the winner!  If you are not in attendance on Sunday morning when your ticket number is called, the AZ Bus Club will pull another winning ticket.

You Must Be in Attendance & Wearing a Valid Wristband for Sunday Morning’s Event to Claim the Grand Prize!

Feel like camping out with us?  First of all, you need to own a classic VW to camp at the venue!

Camping Rates

Thursday to Sunday Friday to Sunday Rate Saturday to Sunday Rate
$50 Total Fee $40 Total Fee $30 Total Fee

2013 Jerome Jamboree at the Gold King Mine

Ron Chilston photos

Check out some photos and video from previous years.

About the Arizona Bus Club.

The AZ Bus Club is a 501C3 Charity.  Each year many of the members donate their time and expertise in restoring a VW to give away as a raffle prize to one lucky ticket holder.  In addition to this, they plan and run the event at the Gold King Mine & Ghost Town each year.  Before the event, members also begin prepping the old softball field which includes cleaning, moving, striping, etc.  Since they are a charity organization, the funds collected via entry and raffle fees are used to donate funds to the Jerome Fire Department.  Funds are also used to purchase future VW’s to restore for the next raffle!  These folks are busy!

The Old Crow Food Truck will be at the Jerome Jamboree 31! They specialize in Bar B Que.  Serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. They will be gone between 11 and 2 on Saturday, so you may need to plan for that meal. He says he will try to come up with delivering pre-prepared item then. Please see his Facebook page at

Old Crow Food Truck Menu

old crow food truck menu