It is that time again to check your availability for that third weekend in September, the 22nd through the 25th.  That is your chance to view some amazing VW Beetles, Vans, Campers and talk to their owners.  Do you have a VW that is in need of some parts?  You may just find what you’ve been looking for at the Jerome Jamboree XXXI, or as we like to say “31”!

From the AZ Bus Club Facebook page;

The Jamboree this year will be September 22nd thru September 25th so start making plans now for any vacation days with your employers. It will be Thursday through Sunday. We will be raffling off a 1973 Wild Westerner HIGH TOP this year. Start saving your money for raffle tickets. Remember the person holding the winning ticket must be there and wearing a valid 2022 wristband. As usual, it will be fun event that you don’t want to miss!!
About the Arizona Bus Club;
The ABC is an Arizona-based, family-oriented club, dedicated to the restoration, preservation, and enjoyment of the Volkswagen Transporter. We are a collection of drivers and hobbyists whose preferred mode of transportation is old VWs, preferably buses. If that sounds like the kind of crowd you’d like to hang out with, come to our monthly general meeting or look us up at a show. The club is open to all Type II owners and all VW enthusiasts. Every year the ABC restores and raffles off a VW bus at our big event, the “Jerome Jamboree” in Jerome, AZ usually (but not always) the third weekend in September. Raffle tickets are sold only at the event and YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN! Thanks and enjoy your Bus!
60's vw hippie bus with flowers coming from tailpipe