gold king mine january 20, 2007 winter snow storm
photograph copyright 2007 by Ron Chilston

Due to the Winter days at the Gold King Mine, our hours of operation change on December 1, 2022.  We will open at 10 am and will close at 5 pm.  Please adjust your schedule so that you may spend as much time as possible exploring all of the treasures at the Gold King Mine and Ghost Town.

We were very fortunate this Halloween season with moderate Fall temperatures.  Out here at the Gold King Mine, the sun sets early due to the Suns southern transit and our position on the mountain.  If you haven’t been here during the Winter season, you may not understand what that afternoon “sunset” means!  It gets chilly!  Bundle up because you never know what the weather will be like at the Gold King Mine and Ghost Town.  The photographer’s love this season, especially when and if the snow decides to fly.

We hope to see you as the Holiday Season rolls around.  Our gift shop is full of interesting curios and trinkets, sure to impress and amuse your giftee!