a 1932 chevy tanker truck sits in the snow after being trailered from Stillwater MinnesotaWhat a difference a few days make in Jerome & Haynes Arizona!  Beautifully sunny weather through the Super Bowl weekend then BAM!  Thanks for waking us up to reality mother nature!  Anyway, out of safety considerations for our staff as well as you, our patrons, we are closing.  If you have ever driven the step two hills up to the Gold King Mine from Jerome, after driving up the hill from Clarkdale & Cottonwood, you can understand our hesitation.  Those danged hills are paved now, but icy and dangerous!

2023 is still a pretty new year, heck we’re only half-way through February, but man!  This is the second time we’ve had to close for the day.  The first time we closed this year, it was pretty much for the same reason.  Safety due to road conditions.

If you’re heading to Jerome today, Wednesday, February 15th, then you should drive with extreme caution.

Check out all current road conditions in Arizona, in real time at the AZ 511 website. The link will open in a new tab.